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First of all, you need to answer how does my research contribute new information to the current body of research on my topic and that’s when you join that conversation you go back to that party and now you start talking that’s a little bit beyond where we’re going with this because that’s really kind of where you do were you after you get back from your field and railroad we’re talking about like getting your data when you get your data and you look at your results and you go okay this is what I found that’s when you start that part of it there are some precepts on this that are just super practical okay if you want to prevent if you want to avoid it if you want to not get yourself in a bind of course you’re going to write with integrity but these things you’re also going to want to do plan ahead stay organized not easy to do at times when you’re in graduate school but take the time to do it. Find more articles on essay researches at

You’ll you’ll really be happy later on okay read your articles in your field and learn how scholars in your discipline discuss their research we talked about that take accurate notes from your sources and pay attention to detail and I fir tale will really help here okay take the time to learn and understand your source material before you write about it talked about your ideas before you write them down to help you put your ideas in your own word if you cannot articulate it you probably don’t understand it okay if you can’t say it you probably don’t understand it yet so go back to the source take more notes and see if you can articulate it again revise your work write read your work hard to do when we write something we want just it to be over with don’t we want it to be over with I just wanted to be over when I just got on the page.

It has to go as a go away right one of the things that professors sometimes are very good about doing with their students and sometimes they just don’t think about it but when they write journal articles they revise we always think about our professors and saying okay they write it they turn it in it’s published they’re so brilliant I’ll never be able to be there I’ll never do that you’ll see the them in their office like when they’re revising an article that got a yes we’ll accept this but you have to change this than the other or before they even send it out they send it to another colleague to read or something like that these things happen everybody revises it’s it isn’t that I mean nobody writes a first draft ready to be published and if they do I want to talk to them because I want to they’re microchip in my head or something like that because that just doesn’t happen it’s an iterative process so don’t worry if your first pass is not a very good pass that’s okay.