Steps to building your successful online business

 Building Online Business

If you haven’t converted any customers yet, give out free samples and get testimonials and ratings from those people. Using a third party service for them to say this, like a Facebook Page would be ideal so future customers know that the testimonials are legit.

One your website, have all of the typical pages (contact us, about us, etc). Have a section for products and/or a section for services and under each section offer 1 page describing each product or service in detail. But, order it in a manner that the first thing they see are photos, prices, brief descriptions and other things that they need to see and understand the product/service within 5 seconds. If after five seconds they don’t feel the need, they will bounce. A bounce is when a person leaves your website without taking any action. If your bounce rate is over 80% then you have a few possible problems:

1. Your site is not optimized to convert.

2. Your traffic is irrelevant to the product or service. Not everyone cares about what you offer.

3. Your site was too slow to load or timed out. Number 3 is a common issue for sites based off of open source software that is database driven, like WordPress. So, either pony up for a strong cloud server or build your site statically, meaning no database stored data or Pure HTML/CSS.

On your product and service pages, you must have a strong call to action telling them that they need to click here or do this urgently or miss out on a great opportunity. That is why many sites have a timer showing counting down from 15 minutes saying that the offer ends in 15 minutes and then back to regular price.

Have a guarantee for every product and service you offer. Not necessarily a money back guarantees, perhaps a guarantee that it works or you will fix the issue personally within 24 hours. You need to guarantee that they will be happy with what they have purchased before they purchase. I personally love money back guarantees, but you must put limits on it in your Terms of Service or End User License Agreement for the folks that will try to rip you off, and someone will try.

Remember the Call to Action and the countdown timer? It is vital that you create a sense of urgency, without annoying the potential customer. Do not use tricks to keep them on your site like alert boxes that ask if their really want to leave. This pissed people off. You never piss off your customer, unless they rip you off and even then be careful because they can go to forums and such and talk poorly about your product/service.