Your Application Process

You are creating your application process you’re looking at it like a puzzle and so every person you have to figure out what that missing piece is what do I really want the ignitions many to know that I have not been able to share so I mentioned earlier about my friend who listened to her dad for six of the IV’s but for brown she wrote her own now when I tell you what what she wrote about you’re gonna laugh but it’s again you could write about a dot on the wall the point is what you say about it how you connect to that dot and what you reveal about yourself so the one it’s the least important part it’s the how and the why so my friend wrote about penguins she had always loved penguins and she just told the story about why they were most meaningful to her other interesting essays that I have helped you know. Find out how to make your personal statement essay more interesting at Edusson.

That I’ve either come across or worked on with students one person loved reading and she wanted to share her love of reading so she talked about her bookshelves and the shelves on the bookshelves and that became a metaphor for the different the different books on each shelf became a metaphor for different stages in her life someone else had a passion for history and he talked about he started with an anecdote about how to use the play dress-up with his rather in the backyard what period they would dress up as and the costumes and then again shows about three or four key moments when history played an important role and how it affect his growth and his development you can talk about you know the truth is you can talk about anything that’s interesting there was a time when many students talked about what it meant to them to be gay or to be black or to grow up in an at-risk community without money.

People talk about it’s now sort of people are even taking the reverse trend and talking about what it means to be privileged in relation to society or identity the key is really identity who you are and how you express that I had a student recently who he always had a small patch of white hair so again he used that as a starting point for being different he used it as a met he used the idea of being a ghost as a metaphor for his relationship to society and the interest it inspired him to develop I had another student who was or it was a computer genius and he used the idea of hacking not just hacking hacking in the broad sense but hacking as a metaphor for his how he approached life and using it as a way of saying he takes a very creative approach and thinks outside the box so these are just a few examples as I said.